Food: Back at my favourite cafe Palm Vaults

by - 21:06

Hello!  A bit of a repeated post here considering I already have a million other posts about Palm Vaults. But Awhile back I tried more items on Palm Vault's menu. I've been dying to try their tonic lattes and whenever I want some vegan cake, palm vaults is the first place that I go to. 

As I have previously posted about Palm Vaults in the past, I am going to keep this real short. I had the Tonic Rose latte and my friend had the Blue Latte.  Both we found very delicious and healthier than real coffee as these do not contain any caffeine.  
I had the hazelnut and chocolate cake which was vegan whilst my friend had the strawberry and vanilla one. In my opinion the cake was delicious but I much preferred the avocado chocolate I had there the first time I went. 

Nonetheless, I still recommend Palm to all my friends and definitely try out their pretty tonic lattes and cake when you go.

Nikki xo.

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