Food + Drink: Stockfleths, Oslo Norway

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Hello everyone!  Today I have a short travel post from when I went to Norway in April.  I went over the Easter holiday and I was not expecting it to be a total shutdown. I mean I live in London which is also a capital city and everything more or less remains open!  Nonetheless, it didn't mean that there was nothing to do. There were still some places open whilst we were there but a good number of the  coffee shops that I had wanted to go to were actually shut! 

Stockfleths however was on my list of places to head to whilst in Norway and thankfully I found one right by the Nobel Peace Centre. Vyvy and I both got latte's and I was very impressed with the fact that they had a good range of dairy free milks on offer.  The best bit was that their oat milk was actually Oatly's barista blend, which didn't total shock me considering oatly are a Swedish brand and Norway is quite literally their neighbour. For the price of the coffees, I thought they they were pretty decently priced at this cafe considering the fact that Norway is an incredibly expensive country. Our coffees were no more that £5 and it was honestly what I needed badly to keep me awake. As per any coffee that is made using Oatly, this was incredibly rich and creamy. 

Additionally, I feel like Norwegians know a lot about their coffee as although this was a chain it honestly had nothing on Starbucks or Costa. Whilst I like Starbucks, it doesn't have anything on indie coffee shops like I Will Kill Again or Iris and June in the UK. If you get what I mean? For a chain this delivered a high quality brew. 

The food on the other hand and when I say food, I mean cakes and pastries looked super delicious. They served a combination of internationally loved classics such as cookies and even had a few traditional Norwegian pastries such as Skolebolle which is a bun covered in coconut shavings and a custard centre. Vyvy  actually purchased one of these and she though that it was one of the most delicious pastries that she has ever had. 
The wraps and sandwiches too looked incredible and there was even a vegan option. However,  having ate out vegan in the UK I really really could not justify splashing my money out on any of them. They were so expensive! 
Overall, I really enjoyed my little trip to Stockfelths. I would really recommend everyone try some of their coffees out if you're ever in Oslo, they are definitely worth your money!

Nikki xo

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