Food: Fairy Godmother Doughnut from Doughnut time.

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Hello hello I am back again with another post about a doughnut from my favourite doughnut place in the entire world. I swear I have literally gone through all of their doughnuts and reviewed pretty much all of them on my site but I realised that this was one that I have really enjoyed but have missed out. 

The doughnut you see above is called Fairy Godmother and it is not surprising that it is called this as the doughnut looks super magical. The doughnut itself completely vegan and covered in vegan butter cream and hundreds and thousands sprinkles.

The whole doughnut was utterly delicious and I finished it in a matter of seconds. The Doughnut itself isn't very oily and is extremely fluffy and light. Although this is the case, you pretty much only need to eat one of these to feel full. The buttercream itself was incredible, it was rich, creamy and unlike other buttercreams it was not at all sickly unlike other buttercreams. It was also so hard to believe that it was vegan as it tasted exactly like any non-vegan buttercreams that I used to have in the past.

Overall, this is a fun and doughnut as is one of the reasons why Doughnut time will never fail to be one of my favourites.

Nikki xo

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