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Hello hello everyone,  I've been meaning to post about this for awhile now but with my macbook broken and my travels I have had very little time to write.  This photograph was actually taken earlier in the year when I met up with my friend Georgina to explore the winter edition of Southbank's underbelly festival. 

I thought however that I should still post this because it is unlikely that the menu for Spice Box has changed so significantly since and they're always found at vegan events across London. Furthermore, I honestly really enjoyed their offerings so I am going to spread the word anyways.

Anyways, I got the Dosa Waffle with the Jackfruit Tikka and it tastes honestly as good as it looks! 
The waffle itself is a good mix between fluffy, chewy and crispy and the jackfruit is well seasoned and has the same bite to it as you would expect from meat. I let my non-vegan friend try this and they absolutely enjoyed it as well and she commented that she couldn't tell the difference between this and real pulled pork. All in all this was a flavoursome treat that we had chanced upon in amongst a sea of people eating hotdogs and non-vegan waffles. 

I'm not too sure if they still do these waffles, I read somewhere they were an exclusive at the Southbank winter market. Nonetheless if you see these at any of their pop ups (or any of their other food to be honest) you should definitely have a try of their dishes. 

Nikki xo

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