Food: Worst Vegan Pizza I've Had at Made of Dough at Pop Brixton

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Hello! Usually  don't really post negative reviews on here but I felt that this one was necessary. Most vegan food I have its absolutely delicious but this particular pizza I had was horrible. It was the night after one of my parties and me and some of my friends went over to Pop Brixton. I never really go to Pop Brixton in all honestly as there never is really anything there and I much rather go to Boxpark, but we tried to get a table in spoons and there were just none left. Having gone round the venue several times and finding nothing that I really wanted to eat I eventually saw a vegan pizza at Made of Dough.

I was largely unimpressed with the length of the wait for the pizza which was far too long to begin with. I mean there were people who had ordered after me getting their pizzas served before them! Anyways when the pizza came I was so disappointed that there were no olives on the pizza even though they were advertised to have olives on it. So I went back to ask why there were no olives on it and the lady serving said that they had run out. Surely they should have told me that in the 15/20 minutes I had stood waiting for my pizza? They didn't even to offer to substitute the olives with anything else.

Anyways, I wasn't going to argue at that point I was already hungry and just settled for what I got.  The pizza was thin with a tomato base that was extremely watery it made the dough soggy. It kind of was like when you empty a can of plum tomatoes and there is some left over tomato juice? Yeah it kind of seemed like the juice from that can was used as a base. The pizza had zero flavour and due to the base it had tasted very watery. Even my friends who I was with questioned why my pizza looked so watery. Anyways, I didn't finish the pizza as I just really couldn't. 

Would I go back? Probably not unfortunately!

Nikki xo 

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