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Hello everyone!  Two weekends ago I went down to district in Nine Elms. It's a short walk from Vauxhall tube station and my house. What was meant to be a fifteen minute walk turned out to be a 30 minute walk as my maps took me in completely the wrong direction.
District itself is located in the regenerated area of Nine Elms where there are an abundance of new housing developments and the brand new American Embassy.

The cafe itself has ever so sleek minimalistic interiors that has an almost Scandinavian vibe to it. The most noticeable feature of the cafe is  the massive menu on the wall. 

On their counters they have an assortment of goodies such as bliss balls in jars to choose from. 

They also have a variety of sandwiches, filled and plain croissants, pastries, cakes and even brownies to choose from.

Their tables are stone top and adorned with stone cutlery holders and the prettiest assortment of leaves. 

My friend ordered the Ham & Cheese Croissant,  the Loaded Banana Bread and a Matcha Latte. 
The banana bread she had was covered in an assortment of berries, greek yogurt and had a drizzling of honey over it. According to my friend, the banana bread was moist not dry like other banana bread's they had previously had and they even claimed it to be the best banana bread that they have ever had.
  On the other hand, I ordered the Acai bowl with nut butter and cacao nibs (both were blended in to the smoothie). The toppings were an assortment of nuts, bananas and coconut shreds. The bowl was absolutely delicious, but it took me some time to finish as I was busy taking 1 million photos and  it was honestly very filling-- it took me the smallest amount to feel full. The only thing I wish I could change about this is the amount of coconut there is in this. If you like coconut then this is for you, but if you're like me who only likes coconut in small doses then maybe ask for less of this or for it to be removed.

The matcha latte with coconut milk was also super divine. Their coconut milk mixed well with the matcha powder which melts right into it. It even put a massive smile on my face (even though I wasn't looking at the camera! This was just snapped of me).

Overall, district boasts a great menu, delicious food with vegan friendly options. The staff are also incredibly friendly and it was lovely to have a chat with them as well. Before I forget, district are also dog friendly so you can bring your dog along! In this heat I was unfortunately not able to bring Maya my frenchie as her breed feels the heat even more and she wouldn't have been able to withstand the heat.  As this is relatively local to me, I will be sure to visit again soon. If you don't happen to live locally, I still advise visiting as it ranks highly on my list of brunch places.  They also have a branch in Parson's Green if that is nearer to you. The Nine Elms branch however is just a short walk from Vauxhall on the Victoria line which might be more accessible to people.

Nikki xo 

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