Food: Vegan 'Tuna' Chickpea Jacket Potato

by - 09:00

Hello everyone! 
Another quick post from me I was thinking recently about the things I sometimes miss eating and decided to look up ways to create a vegan version of a Tuna jacket potato.  
It's really simple and the taste is pretty similar. You can mash up the chick peas but I am lazy so I decided to just keep them whole. For this I heated a jacket potato in the microwave and buttered it with Vitalite's vegan sunflower spread. For the chickpea mix I mixed some lemon juice, Veganaise ( non-soy version) salt and pepper together. It was as creamy as I remember any other tuna mayo to be and tasted incredible. I definitely would recommend it if you're trying to eat less meat or just in general miss the having tuna jackets.

Nikki xo 

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