Food: Chocolate Oatly

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Bit of a random one,  but a while back I bought some chocolate oatly out of curiosity for how it tastes. I'm not a big fan of flavoured milk at all and in fact never liked milk growing up. Milk is disgusting, it smells bad and has a lot of icky stuff in it like pus, hormones and blood.

Oatly have replaced every single dairy free milk on the market as my go to dairy free milk. In particular, my favourite out of the entire range has been the oatly barista edition. Essentially, it's so much creamier than the original version but this post is not about that.

The chocolate oat drink is as creamy as the barista edition of the normal oatly drink. This is not overly chocolatey or overly sweet either. It is perfect for before bed or to have in the morning. If you're a fan of chocolate rice cereals or any chocolate flavoured breakfast cereals then do try this with your cereal instead of your regular milk to make it extra chocolatey.

It's become one of my favourites but I do not buy this regularly but rather as a treat once in awhile when I feel like it.

Nikki Xo

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