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Picky Wops has been a vegan pizza outlet that we have been meaning to try for a good while. What was stopping me was the distance between where I live. However, Picky Wops have opened in Peckham Levels which is not terribly too far away from me. 

The venue itself has a wide array of attractions such as hair salons, bars and fitness classes and art galleries. Walking into the venue you are greeted by a fabulous piece of art work that takes over the entire staircase heading up to the main bit of levels

Noticeably before turning on to the food court and bar area, there is an area that has a mini half-pipe in it and an interesting array of benches. I am not sure what the material is that makes up the benches but as accurate as I can describe it, its the same material that makes up soft tennis courts.
At Picky Wops you can choose your own base flour and there is a whole board highlighting the different benefits of the different flours.  For me, I chose the charcoal base as charcoal everything is my absolute favourite. 

The pizza that I went for was the Ravenous Lumberjack which had changed the Violife cheese for their house made rice cheese. There was also mushrooms and herbal sausages on the pizza.
To be honest, the pizza was incredible, it was very filling. The pizza was tasty and the cheesy tasted cheesy, stretched well and didn't have a distinct 'vegan' taste to it.

They have loads of different options so I definitely will be going back to try the rest of the menu. Lucky for me, my trek will soon be even shorter as they are opening a branch in Pop Brixton soon.

What are your favorite vegan pizzas? Let me know!

Nikki Xo

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