Food: Pink Noodle Salad

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Just a passing post whilst I remember that this has has been sat in the drafts of this site for ages now.  
Lately it has been so hot, I have actually lost my appetite when it comes to eating hot meals. The thought has simply put me off so I have resorted to reluctantly eating a hot meal or worse-- not eating at all. 

This simple salad I made up up however is light, colorful and refreshing on a warm summers day.  For the leafy bit I threw in some spinach and some pre-packed baby leaves. I then added some sweetcorn, mushrooms and radish as they are my favourite.

For the pink noodles, I soaked some vermicelli noodles by longkou which you get in the Asian Supermarket. For the pink coloring, I sliced some beetroots and mixed them in with the noodles. I then added this to the mixture with some chopped up peppers. 

I topped the salad off with some olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice which made this very refreshing to eat. 

An unusual but tasty salad that I concocted drawing inspiration from Vietnamese noodle salads and my favourite western salads.

Nikki xo

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