Food: Vegan at Franco Manca

by - 17:20

Looking at the menu at Franco Manca it is hard to imagine there being a Vegan option. All the options come with gooey cheese or don't seem worthwhile without that pesto on it.
However, you can veganise their menu and still have a tasty and affordable to eat. 

My favourite modification is getting a number one which is their tomato, basil and garlic. I then just add whatever else I want on top of it. Here I have added artichokes which makes the pizza absolutely delicious and adds flavour to what could be perceived to be quite a bland pizza.

Sometimes I get their number 7 and omit the anchovies and the mozzarella. Some branches even offer substitutes for these  so you have your pick of more toppings.

Although not having the most exciting vegan option on their menu, their sourdough base is well worth the trip and low price. You just have to get creative and I guarantee you it will be the best pizza you've had.

Nikki XO  

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