Food: Yorica Vegan Froyo

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For ages I have been on the look out for for a vegan frozen yogurt or a vegan matcha ice-cream in London. Unfortunately it is hard for us vegans to find this, so when I heard about Yorica I was super elated.   Their froyo comes in three sizes: Small, Big and Epic (suitable for sharing). On this occasion I decided to get the big pot which costs £5.25. Alongside the matcha, I had a mix of their chocolate frozen yogurt. There is a  good selection of toppings that range from fresh fruit to sweets and biscuits for 0.65p and sauces that cost 0.35p. For my yogurt, I decided to get a jammy wheel. I initially thought that  it was going to be  crushed up jammy wheels but that was not the case. It was a single jammy wheel for 0.65p which I thought was quite expensive for what it was.

Aside from the toppings, the matcha flavoured yogurt was incredible. The green tea taste was definitely there but not too overwhelming. The chocolate too was sufficiently chocolatey whilst not being over powering.

I definitely recommend their yoghurt, but wish they had more locations around London as it is so hard to find vegan ice-cream when you are on the go.

Nikki xo

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