Lifestyle: Night out at Mahiki, Mayfair

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Contour at the ready, we recently ventured to Mahiki in Mayfair for a night out.  Having not gone in two years I was not sure what to expect. I was anticipating for some reason that the venue would have massively changed. That however was not the case, the venue was pretty much the same, the prices were still the same. It's a £20 entry to Mahiki just as it was before, and whilst you may think that is pretty steep for club entry most places in London cost that much to get in to anyways.

There are two floors at Mahiki with the main club bit being on the lowest level of their venue. The music on both floors were pretty much commercial and chart so if this is something you're after then this is the place for you. Obviously, as not everyone likes the same music this is often our go to genre when considering a night out.

We had a brilliant night and Mahiki is still as fun as I remember it to be and is somewhere I highly recommend. However, do remember to dress up smart though as you won't be let in in sportswear.

Nikki XO

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