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Not far from my house, is this lovely vegan cafe hidden in Elephant and Castle. I've always seen them on my deliveroo app but I had never ordered from them on there as I had always wanted to go to the cafe itself. One Sunday I finally had the time and someone I know wanted to go for brunch so I suggested that we head to their cafe. 

The cafe itself is quite small, cozy and warm lit. There are a load of options on the menu ranging from pancakes and freakshakes to a full fry up. My friend ordered a stack of pancakes with bananas which they really enjoyed and I on the otherhand ordered the fry up. 

In their vegan fry up there was a rocket salad, two vegan sausages, tofu scramble, cherry tomatoes, avocado, pesto mushrooms, a bun and baked beans.  Honestly, as you can see from the photo their fry up is massive. I even struggled to manage to finish this.  My favourite bits from this however were the mushrooms that were incredible and cooked with pesto and the tofu scramble which was as fluffy as real eggs.

Overall, their fry up was incredibly tasty and if you're looking for a good vegan fry up in London then this is the place to hit up. As the name suggests they also do cupcakes that look incredible delicious!

Nikki xo

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