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Before my holiday, Olive Branch kindly sent me a bunch of their products for me to try.  I was super excited as the products that they sent me looked genuinely tasty and I could think of millions of ways of how I was going to use them.

The first item I tried was the Roasted Pepper Paste with Fresh Chillies.  I found this super convenient to use especially before my holiday as you can literally just stir this into your pasta and have a quick and delicious meal to eat with minimum effort.

Though this clearly labels that it has chillies in it, I can say that the spice is very mild so if you don't like spicy food then you'll enjoy this. For those who want an extra kick, I would recommend cutting up some chillies and adding them to your pasta. Overall, I found this product, tasty and unlike other pastas sauces that are available in the supermarket, this does not come off as overly salty or watery. Although this product has a thick enough consistency on its own to be used as a pasta sauce, if you have a bit more time you may want to add some vegetables or meat-alternatives into this to to fill it out more. Alternatively, another thing I thought was that if you were having either potatoes or rice, this would be lovely to marinate soy-chunks in.

The next thing  I tried was their Sundried Tomato Mix with Olives, Capers and Garlic. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the bottle up close, probably because I was so excited to try this one. I sampled this in a combination of ways. I not only mixed it into my food but also got away with eating this straight out of the jar. Yes,  it was that delicious.  Being the unhealthy, junk food queen that I am I also served this up with some fries and daiya vegan cheese and it was incredibly delicious. This mix is also delicious in pasta and salads. Just bear in mind that this product sits in oil so if you want this in your pasta or salad be sure to drain it a little!

Next on the list of products I was sent is the Kalamata Olives with Fig and Mint. Out of all the products,  I find this to be the most versatile. You can literally use this in anything! I've used it to top cheesy fries, in sandwiches and even Pizza!

On this pizza, I chopped up some mushrooms, mushroom hotdogs from Sainsbury's, peppers, sprinkled some daiya vegan cheese and added sprinkles of the Olive, Fig and Mint tapenade! I even drizzled  some of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil that was sent in the package on the pizza and used that to dip the pizza crusts in.  

I also have used the olive oil in pasta, salads and to fry soy chunks for my meals. When mixed with tomatoes, a pinch of salt, cracked pepper makes for a simple salad snack which is absolutely delicious and requires minimum effort to prepare.

Another item in the package was the Orange Balsamic Dressing. Although this makes an excellent salad dressing especially in salads where there is a hint of garlic and some tomatoes, I have also used this in my cooking. 
For example, the other day I cooked up some french fries and Teriyaki Cream 'chicken'. I didn't take a photo of the food as it didn't look presentationally very nice to photograph though it was absolutely delicious. Essentially, what I did there was fry some Oumph 'the chunk' soy pieces, simmer in soy sauce, add a dash of soy cream and add a dash of Orange Balsamic Dressing. Honestly,  it was so tasty!

Lastly, we have the Sweet Olive, Fig  and Almond Relish.   Apologies for the photo, as you can see I had already dug into this!  As this was advertised as a sweet relish as seen on the label, I didn't at all think that this was overly sweet.  The danger I feel with products being labelled as sweet is that they are often too sweet and sickly to the taste. This however was not overly sweet at all! I enjoyed this both with vegan sausages and in my sandwiches and burgers. It's no surprise that this won a great taste award, it's probably the best tasting relish I have had.

Overall, these products are incredibly delicious, and there is a lot of product to get through! I would thoroughly recommend these to anybody who loves olives, their health benefits and those who want incredibly versatile products that you can use in a multitude of ways.

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Nikki XO 

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