Food: Brunch at Arancini Brothers, Kentish Town

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Last weekend I went down to Arancini Brothers in Kentish Town to try out their Brunch. I had heard a lot about their food for a long time but never had the opportunity to visit until now. From memory, I recall that it was only quite recently that their chain became completely vegan.

We first ordered oat milk latte's whilst we were waiting as it was a cold day outside. My friend who is not used to having non-dairy milk in her coffee was pleasantly surprised with  her latte and enjoyed it very much. I myself thought that it was a very good coffee.

Initially, we thought we were not able  to order anything with fries in it as  there was a shortage  of fries at the restaurant. However, the lovely staff managed to find some more fries and recommended that we order the 'cheese' fries. The cheese fries were seasoned with what I think was paprika, covered in gooey melted vegan cheese, spring onions and an array of sauces. If you're going to order  this, I'd advise sharing this with a friend as the portion is massive. The fries were nice and crisp and their cheese alternative tasted delicious and melted extremely well. I think one of the red sauces was  pesto and the the yellow sauce was probably a creamy cheese sauce. I  couldn't quite figure out what the darker red sauce was but it reminded me of salsa as it tasted a bit tangy. My friend was amazed  at the vegan cheese and kept asking me if I was joking that it was not actually real cheese.

My friend ordered their banana and peanut butter toast which was served as two pieces of  bread cut in half with powdered sugar sprinkled over it.  My friend really enjoyed the food  but as she is  a tiny person she found it difficult to eat all of  the food as peanut butter and bread are quite heavy.

I on the other hand ordered  the BBQ burger as I have such a  huge appetite. The  burger  came with a lightly  seeded  bun, BBQ  sauce, vegan cheese and sauce, a risotto patty,  tomatoes and rocket.
The  burger itself was massive, I had to cut it apart with a knife and fork and take all  the vegetables out and eat them  separately. Every time I try and eat a burger, it all sort of falls apart so I find it a lot easier to eat this way (please don't judge). The burger itself is delicious, what I  liked  most about it however was the risotto patty. I thought it was very unique as I've never  had a  patty like this before in my life. I  would describe the texture of the patty to be somewhat between seedy  and soy like, but creamy  on the outside. The vegan cheese is incredibly delicious as well and melted like a dream onto the patty. Overall,  I thought the burger was a unique  take on a BBQ burger and would definitely recommend it.

After having the cheese fries and the burger, I was absolutely stuffed but it was all worth it.  I loved how attentive the staff were as they made every effort to ensure that they gave us their recommendations and even  struck up conversation with  us. I definitely will be coming again  to try the  rest of their staff's recommendations  that we didn't get to try this time round.

Nikki XO

*  please note I was offered a free meal in exchange for a review on my site.

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