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Last weekend,  the lovely guys who run Young Vegans invited me down to try their new vegan Pizza place that they had opened in Netil Market.
Although they did a soft launch the weekend prior it was officially their first day of business on the Saturday that I went.

All of their pizza's are baked in a wood fired oven and all of their mock meats, cheeses, sauces and dough are made from scratch.  On  their menu,  there are five pizzas to choose from. The first is the Margarita Pizza which contains Mozzarella, Marinara, grated parmesan and basil for £8. The second pizza is called 'Filthy Weekend' that contains seitan ham, pineapple, marinara sauce, mozzarella and spring onions at £10.   The third is called the 'holy ghost' which contains ricotta, caramelised onions, broccoli, marinara and oregano at £10. The fourth pizza is called the 'Devils Coglioni' which contains double seitan pepperoni, mozzarella, bbq sauce and green onions at £10. The last pizza on  the menu is the Dead Barbie Pizza at £10.  This pizza contains seitan chicken, mozzarella and green onions. There is also the option of having  a pizza and a beer for £12.

Of all the options, we settled on getting the 'Filthy Weekend' pizza to share as my friend and I are both fans of pineapple on pizza (you'd be mad not to love it).
Whilst you wait for your pizza which is about ten minutes there are plenty of stalls for you to walk around and have a look at.  I found interest in the plants, whilst my friend purchased some handcrafted earrings.

Once your pizza is served, you can make your way over to the small seating area in opposite the stall. As it is only a small area, this quickly gets full but fortunately people just  tend to eat and leave the seating area so the wait for somewhere to sit is not at all long.

Once the pizza arrived was ready, my initial thought was 'wow this smells delicious' and even my dog thought so too. Maya never usually tries to take any of my food unless its coated in peanut butter but this wasn't so if it caught her attention, I was sure that this was going to be a hit.

The dough was not too soft but also not too crisp and there was a generous amount of toppings all over the pizza. The seitan ham was nice and chewy and had a distinct smoky taste to it reminiscent of real ham.  The pineapples were of course amazing on the pizza and the marinara sauce was nice and tangy. The vegan mozzarella would easily fool anyone as well. It tasted exactly like real mozzarella and gave the same stretch when eaten. The taste was incredible too, it was nice and creamy and had a distinct cheesy mozzarella flavour to it. I keep on saying how hard it is  to tell whether vegan pizza cheeses are going to be good or not but I can assure you that this one is worth trying.

I mean look at that, you can barely  tell that the meat is made from seitan and that the cheese  is not dairy. The pizza tasted as good as it looked and as good as it smelt.  My  friend and I actually shared a pizza between us and it was enough to keep us full. As pizza is a filling  dish and seitan  tends to fill me up quite easily, I would recommend starting with one and buying another if you are still hungry. But this depends obviously on how hungry you are.  Overall,  both my friend and I really loved the pizza by Death by Pizza. It's so nice to see loads of vegan restaurants popping up especially pizzas with cheese substitutes. Gone are the days where I would have to just settle for pizza with no cheese on it!

Nikki xo

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