Food: Mildred's, Soho

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Recently, I finally made a trip down to Milred's in Soho with some friends. Usually the place is packed out but on this occasion for some reason it was moderately empty with  plenty  of free tables. I was so relieved  that, there  wasn't a line as I knew that it was way past my dinner time.

Looking at the menu,  I knew I instantly wanted  their vegan buttermilk chicken. I had never seen buttermilk chicken advertised anywhere else and I used to like buttermilk chicken when I still ate meat.  The plate arrived with a good portion of crisp sweet potato fries, alongside this, there was also a serving of coleslaw but the shreds were a bit too big for my liking. There  was also some vegan mayo sauce for dipping the buttermilk chicken shreds in. I thought that the vegan buttermilk was crisp and the 'meat' was extremely chewy and just how I like my food. The batter seemed milky and I honestly do not know how they managed to achieve such a creamy texture to their batter. The serving given to me was a good size as well. To be honest I couldn't actually finish this as it left me very full.  The good thing about vegan fast-food is that anything overtly greasy, doesn't actually make me feel unhealthy or greasy like the real deal. So I was pleased when I ate this and didn't feel weighed down in grease

Overall, I felt that these were incredibly satisfying and I will definitely be heading  back  to have them again in  the future and try other things on their menu.

Nikki XO

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