Food: Sgaia Mheats Streaky Rashers

by - 20:30

Recently I saw these Streaky Rashers in Whole Foods and thought that I  needed to try them.
Roughly £4  later, I took these home and fried them up.  The rashers sizzle and fry like bacon would and smells a lot like the real thing.  The texture  is chewy so if  you are looking for something that resembles real meat, then this will fool your friends. 

Personally,  I think this is great to include in a fry up where there are loads of other flavours or in the middle of a burger. Although this states that there is a hint of maple in it, I find the maple flavouring to kind of be a little too overpowering.

I do recommend  these tasty slices, but at £4 this will have to be  a treat for me.

Nikki Xo

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