Food: Tesco Mozzarella Shreds

by - 18:30

Where do I begin with this one? I'm honestly not sure. My feelings toward this product are so mixed that it genuinely changes with every packet I try.  I  have  had this vegan cheese in a variety of forms. If  you don't know me, I used to LOVE cheese and I even had a goal to try all the different cheeses.  I did notice that cow's cheese made my skin HORRENDOUS and it made me feel like shit. So I did the sensible thing and gave it up.

Vegan cheese can be very hit and miss and not all of it will melt. This vegan cheese does melt pretty well if you give it time.  I therefore find it useful when making pizzas or cheese toasties like the above. As this is a coconut oil alternative, I wouldn't use this in dishes such as mac and cheese or  in creamy pasta sauces as it tastes a bit odd. Equally, It is not a cheese that I would sprinkle over my pasta either or put in a salad. It's best for making pizza and cheese toasties. It's also not a cheese that I would put into my salads or sandwiches as I don't like how it tastes cold.

Will I buy this again? Yes! I will but with the intention of using it in hot dishes as it melts super well.

Nikki XO

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