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Last Saturday I was invited by the Vegan Buffalo Bar to their new restaurant in Hackney. It was a very rainy day  but thankfully that all calmed down so I could bring my dog  Maya with me as they are a dog friendly restaurant. We were greeted by the lovely staff who instantly gave Maya a bowl of water.

We started off ordering our drinks, my friend Jess went for the Mojito and I on the other hand had an expresso martini. The espresso martini honestly was probably one of the best espresso martini's I have ever had in a long time.

The first item we ordered was the cauliflower buffalo wings. These essentially florets of cauliflower in batter fried and covered in buffalo sauce and served with ranch. You can get the buffalo sauce in mild, spicy or outrageous. Both Jess and myself went for the outrageous as we love spicy food. Where my mum is from in the Philippines is know for their small chillies and spicy dishes so I knew what I was in for.
My verdict is that they were incredibly delicious, and if you ask me yes these were quite spicy but as I am used to spice this was manageable. I do however think this would be OUTRAGEOUSLY spicy  for the average person's  heat threshold. It's worth a mention that the buffalo sauce is also made by a local hackney resident so it's amazing seeing a business source locally and support independent people's work in a time where everything can be bought from large conglomerates.

Whilst I ate the staff had a ball dogsitting maya and let her walk all around the restaurant. They even asked if I wanted to take her off the lead, but Maya gets over excited in new places so I skipped on that. So if you have a dog, I cannot even begin to express how dog friendly these guys are!

When it came to ordering our food, I  was delighted to see that the they had the Moving Mountains B12 burger on the menu. I have always wanted to try a b12 burger as I have heard so much about them but I've never had the opportunity to actually try it out. Alongside these we ordered the Kimchi fries and Cheezy Truffle Fries to share.

Lets start with the fries, the cheezy truffle fries were absolutely delicious. You could definitely taste the truffle on them and the 'parmesan'  cheese was super cheesy. You could easily mistake it for the real thing! The  Kimchi fries were also very good. I like kimchi but I feel like it's a very hit and miss dish. You either get really good kimchi, or kimchi that just isn't that great. This kimchi however was delicious, and I'm so glad that it was as I've never actually had green kimchi ever in my life. I'd definitely recommend getting both and sharing with a friend if you ever go.

The burger on arrived in a fluffy white bun and contained the B12 patty, tomatoes, lettuce and vegan cheese.  The vegan cheese was well melted and looked exactly like dairy cheese. It honestly could have fooled anyone!

Biting into the burger was, I uncovered the best bit-- the juicy B12 burger. It was like no other vegan burger I have ever tasted. It was not dry or overly chewy, it did not taste nutty  and thankfully it was not seedy. The burger had a bite that was exactly the same as real meat and looked like real meat. I couldn't describe to myself how it tasted as it was just heavenly.  It reminded me of the burgers I fondly used to make myself when I first started uni.  Except this time, no animals were hurt in the creation of the burger.

I also didn't feel greasy or bloated after having the burger which is how I felt after I would eat burgers in the past that contained meat and cheese. Honestly for days after having the burger I was still thinking  about it so I think a trip back will be in order soon!

They recently also did an offer last Thursday where you  could of had unlimited buffalo wings and a burger of your choice for £10 which is an absolute bargain. I was so so gutted I couldn't go as I already had plans that I couldn't get out of when it was announced.

To wash down our food and contemplate whether there was space for dessert, we ordered some beers. All the beers served were all brewed from local breweries which is again an excellent example of local businesses supporting local businesses.

In the end were were so so stuffed and we were asked if we wanted to try the chocolate mousse but I simply did not have any more space for it. We even struggled when we went to pub after to fit a beer in as we had no space left at all in us for anything else.
Hopefully the next time I'm back I will be able to try it and give everyone my thoughts on it.  

Overall, the Vegan Buffalo Bar is a great restaurant to come to for a meal and a drink. The staff are friendly, the food is delicious and well priced. I most certainly will be coming back to their restaurant and of course I will be bring my dog who was treated like royalty whilst we were there.

So if you're in London or here for a visit, be sure to check them out. Take on their buffalo wings and let me know whether you can handle their outrageous heat level.

Nikki XO

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