Food: Waffles and Coffee at Gryn, Oslo Norway

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Hi all, when I was in Norway, I stopped by this lovely little cafe in Oslo, Norway.
The staff were super friendly and let us in to the cafe before  they were even open as it was cold outside. We had to wait awhile for them to set up but when they were ready, my friend ordered their waffles and coffee.  Norway is known  to be outrageously expensive but the waffles and coffee here were not outrageously as expensive as we thought that they would be. So that was a massive relief, I didn't order anything for myself as I was still full but took the opportunity take in the incredible interior design and take some photos. As you can see from above, the interiors are very minimal and the place is incredible modern.

My friend got the blueberry waffles which came with  what  seemed like mascarpone, blueberry compote, muesli and some popcorn. Out of all of the assemble,  I think we both found the  popcorn to be the oddest touch out of it.  My friend however, thought that both the coffee and the waffles were incredibly delicious and they did not struggle to finish this although with portions like this they'd normally struggle. That's how good it was!

Overall, super recommend everyone check out Gryn if  they are ever in Oslo.

Nikki XO

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