Food: Wagamama's Vegan Pad Thai

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Today's post is about the Vegan Pad Thai that I got in Wagamama's a whole while back. I'm a big fan of Pad Thai and I often try make  it for myself at home. When I saw that there was a vegan version on their menu, I knew I had to try it. 

The plate came with  rice noodles, beansprouts, a wedge of lime, fried onions, red onion and pad thai sauce. For the protein bit of this, there was fluffy fried tofu. I'm not so sure if this was purely just the Victoria branch, but I honestly was not impressed. There were more beansprouts in this dish than actual noodles which made me sad! Another thing you can see is that the dish here is absolutely swimming in sauce. Due to this, it was extremely hard to eat the noodles.  I don't ever  remember Pad Thai ever being as soupy either.  The  tofu  was soft but its crispiness had been drowned in the broth of  the noodles. Overall, it still had  good taste, I just really wish it had  been drier. 
The next time I am going to stick with what I  know and order the vegatsu seeing and that is no longer exclusive to their test kitchen and it's my favourite vegan item of  theirs.

Nikki XO

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