Food: Wulf and Lamb, London

by - 23:26

Awhile back me and two of my colleagues at my old place of work went to try out Wulf and Lamb who are a vegan restaurant in  the heart of Sloane Square. The second we got to the door of  the venue I couldn't  believe that they were dog friendly, the indoors looked so pristine and reminiscent of an upscale restaurant.

The seating area is downstairs and orders are placed at the counter. Being adventurous, the three of us all got the same burger, mac and cheese and a cake to share.  We started with the mac and cheese, which was baked with crumbs on the top of it. The mac and cheese tasted like any other mac and cheese. It was creamy and cheesy and there was absolutely no way you could tell that it was vegan and not made with  dairy. Safe to say our non-vegan friend was very impressed. 

The burger we got was the seitan burger which has a seitan patty and vegetables in a brioche bun with vegan cheese. Alongside this, the burger was also served with wedges and house sauerkraut. The burger was super tasty and the seitan had a chewy  bite that reminded me of burgers I had had when I still ate meat. Our non-veggie friend  was amazed as to how it was possible to get a burger to taste just like the  real  thing.

By the time we got to the cake, we were all thankful we had only one small one to spilt. We were so full!  The cake was absolutely delicious and not dry like some vegan cakes.

Overall, I had a lovely  time at their restaurant and I most certainly be bringing my dog along next time.


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