Food: Brunch at Chamomile, Belsize Park

by - 22:20

Last Sunday I was invited down to Chamomile in Belsize Park to review their brunch.  I can't  lie and say I've ever been to that  part  of London, but after visiting their cafe  I will be sure to visit again.
The cafe itself is located in a quaint little road a short walk from the station and is nestled amongst several other cafes and bakeries.

Once seated, our waitress greeted us and handed us the menu. I was pleased to see that there was a huge variety of vegan dishes and vegetarian dishes that could be adapted so that they were vegan. There was honestly so much choice and I was borderline struggling to decide what to get.

I ordered the full veggie breakfast and requested for no eggs or halloumi in it. Instead, I was given the  opinion of having two vegan sausages instead.  The vegan sausages were probably one of  the best ones I've ever had. They weren't meat alternatives by any means but instead they were made of vegetables and had a sharp onion taste to them.  The vegan breakfast also came with half a tomato, a mushroom, half an avocado, baked beans and four slices of toast.

I loved how the avocado was pre-sliced as it was super easy to just put it on the bread without any fuss. The portion sizes were also very appropriate. There was not too much and not too little food for a brunch and unlike other full breakfasts, this did not taste greasy and it did not feel heavy in  the stomach. 

Both my friend and I ordered the tropical smoothies which were both absolutely delicious and had a strong mango- pineapple taste to them. As the full breakfast did not weigh me down I was able to drink all of my smoothie despite smoothies being renowned for being filling. The size of  the smoothies were also very  generous. They were served in large glasses unlike other places that often serve any fresh juice or smoothie in glasses no bigger than a mug. I would definitely recommend getting one of these as a pick me up, as it tasted like it could cure any hangover. There were also a ton of other smoothie options that so if you're visit  this cafe craving  a smoothie you will be spoilt for choice.

My friend got the fluffy pancakes with strawberry and banana which was drizzled with maple syrup  and powdered sugar. Although I had not personally had these pancakes, my friend said  that they were incredible, they were apparently were very fluffy and light and not sickly. I could tell she was not lying as although she has a small appetite and this would have been way too much food for her. Instead she managed to not only eat  the whole thing but also finish her smoothie.

I definitely will be heading back to Chamomile in the future to try the other vegan options (especially the raw cake that I saw on  their menu) and highly recommend this cafe to anyone looking for a new brunch spot in what I would imagine to be one of the less explored areas of London.


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