Food: Brunch at Old Street Records

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Last weekend,  I was invited down to review the brunch at Old Street Records. I've always seen their  venue on nights out in Shoreditch but unfortunately, I have never had the chance to step inside. Upon arrival we were shown a table near the windows which was perfect for my photos. I loved how much natural light there was in the café.

I ordered an oat latte and my friend ordered an iced latte. I was delighted that they served oat milk as not every café does it and in my opinion it is most definitely the best option when it comes to dairy free milk.

Like always, the oat milk made this coffee taste like any coffee with milk in it but a lot better for you. I can't remember exactly what coffee was used for this but I am pretty certain that the coffee used for this was from Assembly Coffee. I thought that this particular blend of coffee, whatever it may have been was seriously good.

I ordered the vegetarian brunch minus the egg and halloumi. Instead, I was given extra mushrooms and beans. The vegan version of this contained mushrooms, tomatoes, spicy beans, guacamole and some bread and a wedge of lemon.  I really thought that this dish was unlike any other brunch dish that I had ever had. I liked that the guacamole was fresh and had chilli flakes in it. I also loved that instead of having baked beans in this, this had butter beans in a thick spicy tomato sauce. If you had to ask me what my favourite bit of this was, I'd have to tell you its was the beans. Followed by the guacamole. I thought that their vegan breakfast was well portioned and honestly so filling. I definitely would recommend getting this. I found it very refreshing that this was one of the few vegetarian breakfasts that didn't have a meat substitute in it for the first time. Even if you're not vegan, this simple breakfast dish is too good to pass up.

My friend on the other hand got the full breakfast which consisted of bread, bacon, eggs and beans and what I think was a small burger. Whilst I can't directly comment on this dish myself I do know that Ally really enjoyed this and was very full after she had it.

Overall, the food was very filling, and the veggie/vegan brunch was unlike any other that I had had in the past and I will definitely be coming back for some more spicy beans in the future.

If you want to check them out head on over to their cafe and enjoy 25% off your bill until the 16th of December with my code Nikki#1 !!!


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  1. This sounds really delicious. Definitely going to check it out. B x

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