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Last Monday, I was invited down to Megan's restaurant on the  King's Road in Chelsea.
Upon arrival we were ushered to the back of the restaurant where there was an outdoor seating area. Fairy lights were strung up all around and there was a fire heater to keep the area warm.

We started our meal off with a bottle of rose wine to share whilst we waited for the starters to arrive. My friend who is a self-proclaimed rosé wine connoisseur chose this one and although I'm not a massive wine fan,  I  thought that this was great. It was not at all vinegary like some wines, and this one was definitely sweet and not dry.

For our starters we both got different starters so that we could share.  I got the Peri-Peri Cauliflower wings and Rachel got the garlic flatbread and extra coconut yogurt.  The garlic flatbread was nice, warm and soft when it arrived.  The garlic flavour was strong whilst not overwhelming. This tasted not only great on its own but also incredibly delicious when dipped in the coconut yogurt.

The peri-peri wings were florets of cauliflower roasted and  then covered in a thick peri-peri sauce. As this was a bit on the spicy side, I recommend having this if you really enjoy spicy food.  Even though I am used to spicy food as it is part of my culture I thought that this was really hot, but very delicious. I know that the coconut yogurt does not come with this,  but I recommend getting that as well as it not only adds a nice coconut hint to the sauce but it also neutralises the spice a bit.

For my main I ordered the vegan chorizo style open kebab. An open kebab is essentially the same as a normal kebab except all of  the ingredients lie on top of a warm flat bread as opposed to being stuff into a pita. This came with an array of pickles, carrots, shredded vegetables, pine nuts, peppers and hummus.  I had never heard of or seen a roquito pepper before and was amazed by their shape and  initially thought that they were were just wonky plum tomatoes to begin with. This was because the insides were just as juicy as tomatoes and these were just as sweet. I thought the vegan chorizo was a bit unique. I always imagined chorizo to be those slices of salami looking meat or cubes.  This on the other  hand was different as it was minced. As far as how this tasted in comparison to what I remember chorizo to taste like, I thought that this did a great job in capturing the flavour of chorizo. The mince was chewy and did have a meat like bite to it. I would definitely have this again the next time I am at their restaurant.

Rachel had the ten hour braised beef short rib and sweet potato fries. Although I cannot personally comment on how this tasted, Rachel really enjoyed this and told me that this was one of  the best steaks that she had had. She also think that it was incredibly filling.

For dessert,  I had the vegan pumpkin loaf which was a pumpkin cake topped with icing. I thought that the cake was not at all dry and tasted as heavenly as a warm pumpkin pie. If anything I  felt like  the flavours of this cake really got me into the autumnal mood.

Rachel on the other hand got the brownie and salted caramel ice-cream.  The brownie came with a strawberry and some raspberries. Once again whilst I cannot comment directly on how this tasted, Rachel thought that the brownie was incredible and that the salted caramel ice-cream was a perfect pairing for the brownie.

Whilst we were so stuffed after having  all of  the  food, I saw a sign that advertised  that you could have a photograph of your dog printed on your coffee. So naturally,  I  just had to try this one out. All you have to do is send a  photo to the whatsapp number your waiter gives you and shortly after they bring out your coffee with their photo printed on to it. The photo of my little maya was so adorable I almost couldn't bare to have my coffee. 

Overall, I had a spectacular time at Megan's. I was incredibly stuffed and it was so worth it as the food was great and incredibly imaginative. It  seemed that a lot of their dishes were a fusion between western and eastern cuisines which from my perspective worked very well for  them.   The  staff  were super friendly and helpful and ensured  that we had the best time not only by making conversation with us but also by giving us their opinions on dishes and  their recommendations.
I definitely will be back soon.

Nikki xo

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