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Last Friday,  my mom and I headed to Clapham to try out the menu at Mommi.  The Peruvian restaurant  had recently made all of their vegetarian dishes vegan so I was very excited to try them out. My mom on the other hand eats meat so she ordered a lot of  the fish dishes.

To start I ordered a  Cherry Citrus Smash Cocktail. The cocktail itself contained gin, cherry liquor, yuzu, maraschino and sake syrup. There was also a floral and orange garnish. I thought that this particular cocktail was really tasty.  Although I often do not go for anything that contains gin as I do not  like the taste of gin very much, I felt that it was incredible hard to taste any trace of the gin in this cocktail.  It was not at all  bitter like  the other cocktails that I've had with gin in it. 

For starters we got two small plates each as we thought that they were going to small.When  they  showed up we were amazed at how big  the portions actually were.  I ordered the  vegan  Mommi Chirashi Sushi Power Bowl which featured sushi rice, avocados, vegetables, corn topped with shredded seaweed, and a sprinkle of samphire. I  thought that the  dish was excellent,  the vegetables were crunchy and even though there was no particular  sauce  on them  the sushi rice was well seasoned and gave flavour to the vegetables.

My mom on the other  hand had the non-vegan version of the above dish. Alongside the same vegetables, avocado, seaweed and samphire this had an assortment of Tuna, Sea Bass, Salmon and Wasabi Tobiko. My mom told me she really enjoyed this dish and that she thought that the fish was very fresh and well prepared.

The second small plate I ordered was the Vegan House Ceviche. This contained an array of vegetables,  sweet potato, peppers, avocados, red onions and mango leche de tigre. Both my mum and I loved this dish.  The taste of the sauce was in between a sweet and sour with fruity mango notes. It reminded us of a dish we have back in the Philippines called insalda. In fact, this was so delicious we even found ourselves dipping vegetables from our sushi bowls into it.

The last small plate we  got was an order for my mom. She chose to get the Pan Fried Kings Prawns.  This came with  Spiced Garlic Yuzu Butter, Caramalised Courgette and Peruvian Giant Corn.  In addition to this the dish also came with Robata  Grilled Dipping  Tortilla Flat Bread. Out of all the dishes, my mom enjoyed this the most. She thought that prawns once again were incredibly fresh, juicy and bursting with flavour. My mum commented that she would be more than overjoyed if I  brought her back to Mommi again for these prawns.

For my main I ordered the Miso Glazed Aubergine which is an adaptation of their fish dish the Miso Glazed salmon.  This dish as the name suggests comes with miso aubergine, but also comes with both beetroot and beetroot puree, giant corn, pomegranate and puree potatoes. I thought that this a very imaginative and colourful dish. I had never had beetroot puree before and this pleasantly surprised me. It was creamy and light to taste.  I was expecting this to taste a lot earthier than fresh beetroot but this  was not the case. The aubergines too though thinly sliced were incredibly filling and you  could really taste the miso on it. 

The last dish that was ordered was the Nikkei Tempura Fish and Chips for my mom. Once again my  mom was amazed by the dish. She  thought that  it was very unique and was an interesting spin  on traditional fish and chips. Not only that,  she also was very impressed with the cassava fries as she never imagined that cassava could be fried and turned into fries. You see, cassava is another food item that  we have  in the Philippines except it is usually used in desserts. So having this  blew her mind and encouraged her to be more adventurous with her cooking  and to be open  to  new possibilities when she cooks.

Overall, we really enjoyed the food at Mommi. My mom really wants to go back the next time she is in London for the prawns and I definitely will be reordering the House Ceviche.
The  staff were so friendly and loved having a chat with everyone they served.
I cannot reccomend Mommi enough, it's so good.

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