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Last Saturday, I was invited down to the Athenian at the Boxpark in Shoreditch to try out their vegan gyros. On their menu they now have four new meat free options. There is the Vegan Gyros souvlaki that is made with Seitan, the vegan Santorini tomato croquettes souvlaki, the Grilled mushrooms with gyros marinade souvlaki and a handmade halloumi souvlaki which is vegetarian.

Their location at Boxpark is in a small little shop on the first floor of Boxpark. There are only three stalls on the inside of their shop but there is plenty of seating outside which is communal. 

If you arrive at the right time, you might be able to escape the line. However, I was not so lucky when I arrived as the queue was right out the door. Whilst lining up for things is something that annoys every single one of us, I take long lines as testimony to how good a place is going to be. If there are loads of people then they are there either because a place has received rave reviews. Word of mouth is always such a powerful tool.

Once we got to the bottom of the line, both Jess and myself ordered the vegan gyros with seitan. I ordered some sweet potato fries to go with my wrap. Jess on the other hand got the oregano fries.
The wrap itself wash absolutely delicious, the seitan has been well marinated, was full of flavour and chewy. If you tried really hard you wouldn't be able to tell that this was a vegan wrap at all and not stuffed with pork instead.  The vegan mayonnaise was creamy and for once didn't taste like salad cream. It tasted exactly how regular mayonnaise tastes like, again you would not be able to taste the difference. 

The fries were also excellent, I love sweet potato fries and these were fried just right. They weren't too soggy or too crispy.  I couldn't fault them at all even if they were a bit oily. Jess enjoyed her oregano fries but also helped herself to some of my sweet potato fries as I the wrap made me full. Out of the two fries, she preferred the sweet potato fries. But I can't blame her, all sweet potato fries are perfect.

Overall, I thought that this was an incredibly tasty meal. I'm so happy that the Athenian have come out with a vegan gyros as it enabled me to sample the cuisine of another culture. It's often a barrier when I travel or eat out to try cuisines from different places as there is often a lack of choice for me. I definitely will be back and will definitely be sampling the rest of their vegan menu in due course.

Nikki XO

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