Review: Halo Burger, Brixton

by - 19:14

Last weekend, I was kindly invited down by Halo Burger to try out their food. On the menu, there is the choice of four different burgers. Whilst the Cheeseburger and  Hamburger's difference is quite self explanatory, the difference between the Halo Burger and the Quarter pounder is that the Halo burger is a quarter pounder patty cut in half and with slices of melted cheese in between them. The patties served at Halo Burger are all made from Beyond Meat patties. Naturally to me, the sound of having more melted 'cheese' in the burger was the best option for me. When I used to eat meat, I remember that having burgers from five guys with loads of melted cheese bering my favourite thing. No wonder I was ridiculously overweight, unhealthy and unwell all the time.

Alongside the burger, you can also get a side of pink salt fries and choose from either a lemonade, cola, water or a Camden hells beer ( my fave).

I honestly don't know what else they put in their fries aside from the pink salt because these were seriously incredible. They weren't just like other fries, they were crispy and there was something extra delicious about them and neither my friend could put a finger on what it was.

The burger contained the usual, tomato, lettuce, gherkin and even includes a sauce that reminds me of the McDonald's Big Mac sauce.

Biting into this I was pleasantly surprised as I had no idea what to expect at all. The burger was juicy, bleeding, had the same texture and looked and tasted like real meat. My friend who came with me is not vegan and was completely blown away by how convincing this was in comparison to real beef.

Overall, I was very impressed by this burger. There was no hint of any 'fakeness', no it did not taste of soy and neither did the cheese. Quite honestly I was thinking about this burger for pretty much the whole of the next day as well.  Because I don't live too far away and saw that there was a deliver sign on their door, I even tried to see if they would deliver up to me but unfortunately they didn't. Either ways, its nice to know that there is now an incredible vegan burger joint not too far away from me. I definitely highly recommend their burgers to anyone who can visit them. You will not be disappointed one bit!

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