Food: Biff's Jack Shack, Shoreditch London

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Last Wednesday, I finally got down to Biff's Jack Shack's first permanent store in Boxpark. Their store is located right next to another vegan favourite: Eat Chay.

The menu itself is extensive and it was very difficult to initially choose what we wanted to order. Thankfully the staff at the store were really helpful in helping us make our choices and even took the time to tell us why they loved their recommendations so much.

The first thing we ordered was one of each of the wingz to share. Biff's is famous for its wingz so there was absolutely no way I was missing out on these.  These wings are essentially breaded jackfruit meat fried. Each wing is incredibly crispy, and meaty with a sugar cane 'bone' in the middle of it. The first wing in the selection was The Bang. This wing had hints of cinnamon, sweet chilli and miso to it which really gave it an oriental kick. 

The second wing we shared was The Buff which was covered in buffalo hot sauce and blue cheeze. I thought that this did well to imitate the flavour of blue cheese and was definitely cheesy and creamy like the real deal and worked well with the hot sauce.

The third wing we had was The Burb which was a wing coated in Bourbon infused sticky BBQ sauce. I thought that this was pretty good as well and this is definitely for those of you who love their BBQ sauce with a little kick to it.

The fourth and last wing that we had was the The B Ranch was covered in ranch Sauce, chipotle sauce and 'bacon' bits. This was also super meaty but after awhile all of the flavours from the previous wingz had mixed in I couldn't really taste the ranch. 

Alongside the wingz we also got the some dirty fries. There were quite a few options but we settled for the Bacunator fries. These fries were covered in 'bacconaise', bacon jam and was topped with parsley and spring onion. This dish was by far one of the best set of dirty fries that I have ever tasted. The baconaise tasted like it was infused with real bacon, and so did the bacon jam. This could have fooled any meat eater. I will definitely be back for these.

Moving on to the burgers, we got one each. I got the Samuel Hell Jackson which was recommended by the staff for those who like a spicy kick and my friend got the Father Jack.

The Samuel Hell Jackson burger contained Spicy slaw, hot sauce, jalapeños, cheese and BBQ Sauce. I really enjoyed this burger and thought it was incredibly delicious but boy, this is not for the faint at heart. Being Filipino, I am used to some incredibly spicy dishes as a lot of the food down south where I am from is known for being incredibly spicy. This however, WAS SO SPICY ( in a nice way) that I even had to run to get some water half way through. I throughly enjoyed this though and most definitely will be getting this again.

My friend had the Father Jack told me it stood out from the menu as it had onion rings in it and she is a big fan of onion rings. Overall, she reported to me that she thought that this was bloody delicious and would recommend ordering it. So I might try this one the next time I'm at Boxpark.
Overall, I super enjoyed our visit to Biff's Jack Shack and recommend giving their permanent location in Shoreditch a visit.

Nikki xo

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