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Hi everyone, today I've got a slightly different post. I often post about the food I eat, but today it's all about what my dog eats instead!

The guys at Pure Pet food kindly gifted my Maya two of their Fussy Dog Recipe foods. She got the chicken and the duck flavours which are her favourite flavours for any food.

When I first opened the packaging, to reveal the two boxes I had no idea that this food was actually dehydrated and came in a powdered form. I was so confused at how this was meant to work but soon learnt from the helpful and clear instructions provided on the box. The food comes with a scoop  which you can measure out the food and measure the water you need to mix in with it. 

The food itself is human quality and made with the finest ingredients. Even when I was making it, it actually smelt quite aromatic and it instantly caught my dog's attention.

Making this, I added water to Maya's recommended amount,  stirred it well and then waited until it had completely rehydrated in 15 minutes.  I added a bit of Maya's regular food as its good to add what your dog is used to eating when you are trying out a new brand of food.
Whilst the packaging looks really small, the 500gs of dehydrated food actually makes up to 2kg of wet food which is plenty.

Maya isn't a fussy eater, she generally eats everything but I could tell that she really liked this food because it contained a lot of carrots( her fave) and she was licking her bowl clean for ages.

Even better is the fact that this is dehydrated which means that Maya and I don't have to worry about saving loads of space in my suitcase for her food when we go to Bristol to visit my parents. For the longest time, I have been struggling with carting Maya's belongings around in my mini suitcase which often made it heavy and difficult to travel with. For those who do not know me, I am actually quite small and carting around a heavy suitcase whilst transporting a very nosy dog is sometimes an absolute nightmare!

I therefore would highly recommend this food to anyone who would like more veggies in their dogs food, wants good quality food for their dog and travels a lot because honestly this is a lifesaver!

Nikki xo

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