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Last Wednesday, a friend of mine and myself went down to the Notting Hill branch of Juicebaby. Juicebaby currently also have another branch on the King’s Road in Chelsea. 

I discovered the cafe after having seen it on one of my favorite instagramer’s stories. Just as I saw it I knew that I had to have an açai bowl as soon as possible. 

Upon arrival at the cafe, we were greeted by Nadin who was very cheerful and friendly. She took us through the different products available at the cafe. There were different bottled juices, various plant milks in one fridge in the next there was an array of food.  The food ranged from raw desserts to healthy soba noodles to taco bowls to sandwiches and soups.

The options do not stop there, there are also a wide selection of freshly prepared items such as açai bowls and a wide array of smoothies. Lining the walls of the cafe are packets of granola that you can also buy to have at home. 

Obviously, I was overwhelmed with choice as there was so much to choose from. Eventually I decided that since it was the photos of their açai bowls that drew me to their cafe in the first place, I needed to order that. Nicola on the other hand ordered a pink daddy smoothie. We couldn’t resist ordering some of their raw desserts as well. 
We ordered a vegan snickers bar, raw brownie and hazelnut tiramisu to share. 

When our food arrived the lovely ladies had arranged them on a plate decorated with both goji berries and  blueberries. They even brought over an iced matcha latte made with coconut milk which I had not originally ordered! The latte was nice malty exactly how I like it and reminded me of the green tea kit Kats that you can get back home in the Philippines. 
Nicola let me have a sip of her Pink Daddy smoothie  which was really delicious. I was surprised as the the smoothie contained strawberries, bananas and dates and pink salt and I usually do not enjoy anything that contains dates too much.  But this particular smoothie tasted summery and fruity without a hint of the earthy flavours of dates. 

The açai bowl came out being bigger than I had expected and I genuinely had little idea of how I was going to eat it all by myself.  So I decided to share this with my friend.  The açai bowl contained, kiwis, coconut, chocolate granola, raspberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas and peanut butter. This was absolutely delicious, creamy and refreshing. I know however in the future that this is incredibly filling and when I order it in the future I will be sure not to order anything else. I love how this was sweet and reminded me of a sundae although I didn’t feel  gross after eating it like I do when I used to eat ice cream. 
The snickers bar tasted exactly like I remember snickers tasting like and I definitely would be buying this again. The raw brownie which one of their best selling items blew me away with how good it was. At first I was not sure whether I liked this as the first bite is quite bitter. However, after a few more bites you can taste how sweet this is and honestly this brownie is incredible. I’ve never been skeptical of raw desserts but this brownie has definitely changed my mind. The hazelnut tiramisu was incredibly creamy and tasted like what I remember tiramisu tasting like. This is the only dish that we could not finish, not because we didn’t like it but rather because it waste last thing we tried and we couldn’t fit any more into our stomachs as we were so full. I definitely recommend this though. 
Overall, I throughly enjoyed my visit to Juicebaby. I definitely will be back probably at the Chelsea branch as it is nearer to my work and flat. I’m already planning to head back sometime next week to get an açai bowl and hopefully get to also try some of their juices.  I throughly recommend giving them a visit and I’m so thrilled to have discovered them. 

*please note that this meal was complimentary 

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