Food: Halo Burger's BBQ summer special

by - 16:12

Recently I was invited down to  Halo burger to sample their new Summer BBQ special. 
The Smoky Carolina BBQ burger contains the sticky sweet BBQ sauce, smoked gouda style cheese, crispy Brixton ale battered onion strips and mayo.

If you're a fan of BBQ sauce like I am then you're going to love this this burger. The onion ring strips  are incredibly delicious in the burger and I love how they have an extra zing to them from the beer batter.  I would totally buy these if they were available as a side. The vegan gouda cheese on the burger melts well, is stringy and tastes like the real thing. The best bit of this all of course is the beyond meat patty. These patties are so convincing, they taste like the real deal and a lot of my meat eating friends cannot tell the difference.

Once again, Halo burger have not disappointed with this offer and I can see myself struggling to choose between this and their original Halo Burger for the rest of the summer.

To go along with burgers we also got the Don't Have a Cow Fries. These are essentially the UK's answer to a vegan version of the Animal style fries that are served in In-n-out in America.
Halo's pink salt fries are topped with burger sauce, and layered with melted American style vegan cheese and onions.  Again, the vegan cheese used here doesn't have a fake taste to it at all . This side is a staple for me every time I visit.

Overall, I definitely recommend trying out this burger the next time anyone visits. I'm going to be so gutted once they take it off the menu and really hope they consider making it a permanent addition to their menu.


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