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Hi all, last week I got invited down to Jolt to take some photos and do a review. If you haven't heard of them already, Jolt are a coffee brand from Saudi Arabia that have now opened up in London.

On the counters for those who don't fancy picking up a coffee, there are a wide array of juices and smoothies by Press that you can pick up instead.  For those of you who avidly follow their instagram, you know that you're here for their famous marbled flavoured coffees.

The food was wide ranging as well with a variety of sandwiches, wraps and salads to choose from at their counter. 

For those of you with a sweet tooth,  there were also an array of cakes and pastries for you to choose from.

When it came to ordering, I settled for the Salted Caramel Latte with Oat milk and Nicola ordered the pistachio latte for herself. Both arrived with ample ice, and the gorgeous marble effect that their iced lattes are known for. 

The salted caramel latte I had was incredible, it was just the right amount of creaminess and it was not overly sweet. Nicola really enjoyed her pistachio latte and said it wasn't like any latte that she had before. Before hearing of Jolt, I had no idea what a pistachio latte was and didn't even realise that it existed.  The most 'exotic' latte flavouring I had of heard of was just rose. Both of these lattes, are definitely game changers.

If you're up for getting some cake, I recommend trying out their milk cakes which are all the rage at the moment.. They have two in store, one being the saffron milk cake and the other being the pistachio milk cake. Both sit in sweet and flavoured syrup and are topped with some garnish.

Nicola and I agreed that the Saffron cake was pleasant but unusual as we both had never had saffron before. It was therefore a new taste and to be honest I can't quite place what it reminds me of. The only thing I can note is that the after taste of this cake. The closest thing I can compare it to I suppose would be honeycomb as the after taste tastes a bit like it.

The pistachio cake tasted as I expected it to be, without being chalky which is a taste that nutty cakes often suffer from. Out of the two, my preference definitely was for the pistachio cake which I would definitely have again.

Nicola also picked out the pistachio pastry which was wow, really really good. The pastry wasn't too flaky so it didn't crumble apart and the pistachio paste in the middle of it was delicious. As it wasn't a pistachio filled pastry, you could tear little segments of the pastry and dip it into the pastry.

Lastly, whilst this was mostly for the #gram and I almost never eat dairy unless I have to I decided tried a bit of this and it was actually really good. The bread was well toasted and the cheese was well melted. Apparently there are five cheeses in this one: Manchego, Monterey Jack, Gruyère, Cheddar and a bit of Brie. Whilst this was delicious, I could not envision myself (even my cheese loving former self) to be able to finish the whole thing as this is incredibly rich and filling!

Overall, we had a splendid time at Jolt and throughly recommend it to everyone. Be sure though to get yourself a pistachio cake and latte as no visit is complete without either!

Nikki xo 

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