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Hi all,  Many of you know how much I love going to Latvia. In fact, in the last sort of 12 months I've been a number of times. So I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite places in Latvia with a blog of my recommendations. For those of you who want to take it a step further from just reading this blog,  I also have a handy map which you can filter by categories. Additionally, if you want I have also got some travel vlogs of two of the times I've been to Latvia: SummerWinter


Centrāltirgus gastro Riga 

The first on my list is a relatively new institution in Riga, as the name suggests this food hall is located in one of the halls of Riga Central Market. The prices are cheap and there is definitely going to be something for everyone. There are oysters, pizzas, burgers, sushi and so much more. You'd honestly be spoiled for choice. Here's my mate Rachel enjoying a hotdog and beer from one of the stalls in the food court. I had a vegetarian burger from one of the burger stalls and it was honestly SO delicious.


Lido might be one of my all time favourite places in the entire world. You can get a whole vegetarian meal for under 9 Euros with a drink if you wished. This place is a pay for what you choose buffet. So you only pay for what you put on your plate and the items here are all fairly priced. 

My absolute favourites to get are the pink salad,  the vegetable bake and the spinach and cheese pancakes. If you go to lido and not have the spinach and cheese pancakes you are seriously missing out!  Another new favourite of mine is there is a big wok full of French fries that are slightly mashed and they're super delicious as well. 

They do everything from salads, to meats, bean stew, and a whole load of deserts and beers. So if you're looking for a cheap way to try the local cuisine then this is definitely a great starting point.

Double Coffee Old Town

Double coffee is where you want to go if you want a wide selection of brunch items at convenience. It's also somewhere you'd go after you've been out until 7 am in the morning and have a screaming hangover owed to the multiple shots of Stoli that you've done in either FIRST, COYOTE FLY or JUST bar.

Fry ups, calamari rings, omelettes and pancakes are just a few of the things on their extensive menu. The  service is pretty quick as well and it's well located in Old Town where a lot of the tourist attractions are located.

Street Fries Kitchen

Street Fries Kitchen is a cafe/ brunch place on the edge of old town and central Riga that I have been meaning to go to on most of my trips. In March, I finally was able to make my way down to their cafe. The great thing about Riga is that there is so much variety to the menus in every establishment. Once again, no one struggled to choose what they wanted. The prices are mostly under 10 euros and the servings are big enough to keep you full for a long time. I definitely recommend this as the staff are friendly, the service is fast and the food is great. I recommend the burgers, the omelette and salmon and cheesy fries.

Aqua Luna

Aqua Luna is my favourite restaurant in Riga. It's right by the Daugava river and has a 'Mayfair' atmosphere to it. Their restaurant prides itself in fine dining, although you will not be paying Mayfair prices here, this is an upscale establishment and the food is a bit more pricier than elsewhere in Riga.

Aqua Luna even have a whole vegan menu, oyster and prawn selection and a vast selection of cocktails for you to choose from. My picks at Aqua Luna are usually the ravioli from the vegan menu and a Singapore sling.

In the summer, you should sit outside where there is the most beautiful terrace that overlooks the river. Here you can sit and enjoy your drinks and meal whilst watching the sunset. A trip to Riga for me, is not complete without a visit to this spot.

Imagehouse Cafe

Imagehouse is an instagrammers dream. The interiors are incredibly slick, well put together and minimal.  This three in one venue is a furniture/ interior design store, a clothing store and cafe all in one.

The lattes are served in the most adorable glass cups, and there are a selection of dairy free milks that you can choose from. Every time I head to their cafe, I get the latte with oat milk and have yet to be disappointed. 

With your latte, I recommend you get one of their fine desserts. Every time I have been there have been a fine selection of them at the counter. I recommend going early on in the day as after lunchtime the counter looks a bit depleted which just shows how much people love their cakes.

 My all time favourite is the above pistachio cake that I get every single time I visit.


Herbarjis is an urban jungle hidden on the roof of Gallerijas Centrs in the city centre of Riga. The cafe/ bar/ restaurant is essentially a giant greenhouse and it is a lovely spot for a drink or Brunch. When I went in the summer, they were doing an all you can eat breakfast buffet with an array of fish, meat and veggie options. I am not sure if they still do this as my last visit was a lot later in the day that when I went in the summer. Even if they do not do this anymore, it is still worth the visit even just for a drink.


Riveria is another upscale establishment in central Riga that specialises in Mediterranean food. 
Again you will be paying a bit more for your food here but the quality of the food is impeccable.  They even give you complimentary bread and a small fish appetiser to start you off. 

My recommendations for this restaurant is the fruits del la mer which contains an array of seasonal vegetables, sweet potato mash, white wine, tomato and olive sauce. For the seafood, this contains, sea scallops,  sea bass fillet, tuna, squids, octopus and tiger prawns. At 26.45 Euros this is absolutely great value for your money.

Are you heading to Riga or have been? Let me know what you think. What are your favourites?

Nikki x 

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